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Family Law

There is no entity in our society more powerful than the family. As a result, legal issues arising out of intra-family matters can be devastating. Even if you are fortunate enough to live a life free of divorce, dissolution, and/or child custody and child support matters, it is likely that others close to you have dealt with these types of issues, or will in the future.


If you or someone you know is facing divorce, dissolution and/or child custody and child support issues, there is a need for legal advice.  There are rarely simple and easy solutions to Family Law issues; however, with proper guidance a great many of the legal, financial and emotional obstacles that face those going through the ending of a marriage and/or the determination of the custody of a child, can be avoided and/or minimized.


An attorney knowledgeable in Family Law issues can provide you or those close to you with information regarding:

  • Laws governing Divorce and Dissolution;  

  • Laws governing Legal Separation;  

  • Working collaboratively to resolve issues;  

  • Dividing assets and debts of a marriage;  

  • Spousal Support;  

  • Child Custody and Shared Parenting;  

  • Child Support